Words of searching




One of my first memories of Granddad was learning that he would get up in what seemed like the middle of the night to me, to meditate and do yoga.  Anyone who ever met Ayiah knew that he was a deep thinker and found immense strength and power, deep within his soul.  In fact, some would say it was this inner strength that kept him alive for so long!

Ayiah found an inner source of power that sustained him through his life.  He was dedicated to nurturing it and sustaining it, through a strict diet and disciplined spirituality.  He was able to offer words of wisdom and advice to all who needed it and through extensive reading and research, became a learned man in many subjects. 

Perhaps it was through his time surveying the jungle, that Ayiah found solace through walking and nature, an activity he kept up for many years until his illness prevented him from doing so.  With this, and an intense holiness that nourished him, body and soul, Ayiah led a healthy and strong-willed life.

As we say our farewell to Ayiah, we do this remembering his deep sense of reflection and inner searching.  I invite you, in a moment, as we listen to this piece of music, to recall your memories of Ayiah and then to reflect on where you find your source of strength from, be it religion, nature, or yoga, remembering that through dedication to this discipline, relief, comfort, strength and wisdom can be found.


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