Granddad’s Ceremony


Order of Service


Entrance Music – Swing Low Sweet Chariot (This song was written and sung by the slaves in the US praying to be dead so they can be free from the suffering and begging God to come and take them away.  This song is to reflect Ayiah’s prayer to God to carry him away.)


Words of Comfort (As Ayiah comes in)


Words of welcome

We are gathered here this afternoon to remember and commemorate the life of Ayiah.  We give thanks for his life, remembering what he has done, how he has influenced our lives and how we can move on in memory of him.

Reading - from Bhavadgita Ch 2 v 22


Eulogy (Martin)

Words of searching (Jenny)


Music – Guitar solo (This music was chosen by Jenny to give people a chance to remember the good things about Ayiah)


Committal (please stand)


Exit Music – As I went down to the River to Pray. (A heart warming song we played at Amma’s church service)


Steve’s choice of Song 01 (Let it be, let it be), Song 02, Song 03


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