Theory of Children

Most of us have children and we all definitely have been children therefore I hope this theory of children I am proposing you can all identify the aspects of it.

When we are born, as small children we think mum and dad are wonderful and they know the answer to all our questions.  Then we go the primary school the teachers teach us how to read and tell us about the world and some science and history we sit with our mouth open and begin to think mum and dad does not know all the teacher does and we start to believe teachers and tell our mum and dad you are wrong the teacher told us this.

Then from the primary school we go to the secondary school and the hormones starts to kick in and we have other interest.  These interests are fuelled and the taboo subjects we are not allowed to talk at home and at the class rooms are discussed by our friends in the cycle shed so we begin to think our mum and dad does not know every thing and the teachers do not know any thing but our mates know the answer to all our questions.  At that age we are not interested in the quality of the answer as long as the answer is to our liking that is fine.

When we leave the secondary school and start the University or apprenticeship where we are given the responsibility and we are basically forced to make decisions and at the beginning most of the decision we make seems to be wrong and others are shouting for making mistake we are in desperate need for some help.  At this time of need we learn that growing up to be an adult means we have to make decision and the best way to make correct decisions is to see how other people make good decisions and ask others how to make correct decision and above all consult others with the options we have and ask their views of those options.  One of the group of people we go to is our parents and we begin to realise mum and dad may not know the answer to the Universe but they definitely have our best interest in their heart and they do have a wealth of experience even not in our field of work their experience does come in handy.

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