Following on from his PhD he is interested in research work on the regulation and how to arrive at erective regulations.  One of the current topic related to regulation is should we have a nationwide DNA database.  The freedom fighters feel it is an impingement of civil liberty and we should not have such a database.  Consider the whole picture and take holistic view of the situation.


Stephen on his campaign trail


If we are setting off on a mountain climb or try to climb Mount Everest then no one in the right mind will go without letting the family and the base camp know the path they are taking and details of their movements.  By letting others know their movement does in no way curtail their civil liberties it can be argued it increased their freedom as they can go on their adventure with the knowledge if they do not return back at the agreed time there will be a search party looking for them.

Similarly giving the DNA sample gives them the freedom of being eliminated from suspicion it will help them to give more freedom as the criminals could be caught in time and prosecuted as soon as possible.




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