Reading - from Bhavadgita Ch 2 v 22



“As a man casting off worn-out garments puts on new ones, so the embodied, casting off worn-out bodies enters into others that are new.”

It is only after the procurement of new clothing that man rejects the old worn-out ones.  The snake develops new skin from within and then casts off the slough.  Even so the Jivatman mentally assumes a new form before dissociating himself from the old body.  In other words his mental make up does not die along with the gross body.   It is called the subtle body and it persists with its innate tendencies and dispositions.  This is the core of the Jivatman and he survives the death of the physical frame.  He then chooses to develop another gross body in a womb suited to his attainments.

The snake and its slough are not one and the same.  Even so the Atman and the body are different, one from the other.




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