Stephen grew up in Sri Lanka, where the political rallies are very colourful, active and dramatic.  He did not do well at school as his interest at that time was spent to help others and negated his studies but gained experience of dealing with people and helping them.  Later on his life he realised he need to study so that he could understand the finer issues of life and may be able to help people later.

Stephen on his campaign trail


When he finished his studies and made sure his children were looked after and they have all gone to the Universities he tried his hand in Politics.  His view of helping people has always been it would be better to teach people to fish so that they could feed their families for rest of their lives than give them a fish for them to feed their family one-day.  On that basis he joined the Conservative Party to stand for the local and council and then stood as a Parliamentary candidate for Heywood and Middleton at the 2005 general election.  The results can be found in the Keel University General Election result web site.


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