Iraq War

A war designed to be lost and war designed to bring back a similar regime for Iraq.

Although a number of arguments were given to support the war we time it has become clear that the arguments put forward by the UK prime minister was not sound and it is more like economic with the truth than anything.  They went to war with on idea of what to expect and what their exit strategy should be.  Now having entered the country it does not matter at what stage they leave the country will go back to a system or rule similar to what the west went to change not only that the ruling class is most likely to be from the remnants of the old system.  The arguments for this are given in the note below.

Having brought up in Sri Lanka where the suicide bombing started and the people fighting the civil war have a force of some from which seen the Indian army off and still fighting the Sri Lankan army it is clear to see the Iraq situation will not be solved in a matter of days, weeks, months or years it is most likely to be in decays or more.  During the rule of Saddam Hussain time he did not rule the country all by him self he has an army to do his deeds and a number of groups of people to carryout his administration.  These people managed a good living and enjoyed their lives while others who were ruled had very little experience and skills to rule the country.  Once the ruling class is over turned and the power to rule the country is given to the inexperienced population then at the first instant the country will not function as the inexperience will show and to make the situation worse the old ruling class will not go back to the fields and dig potato!!  They will want their power to rule the country again.  To achieve their goal they will have the intelligence and the administration capabilities to achieve that.

Rooting out “Gorilla War” soldiers is not an easy option, as both the Sri Lankan and the Indian armies found to their cost.  The Indian army in their attempt to root the Tami Tigers out mapped the par of the country where Tamils lived and asked the people to go to public paces like schools and churches and search every house and every inch of the land as well as every one went to the public place.  Did they find the Tamil Tigers?  No obviously not.  Similarly the ruling class in Iraq will find a way to blend in and cause maximum disruption to the country until they gain power again.

Therefore it was a war the west entered to loose before they started.

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